Chairperson of Preschool

Rose Greeff

  1. serve as a member of the church council and as such be present at all meetings of the church council;
  2. develop policies and procedures to insure the effectiveness of the educational program;
  3. comply with federal, state and local guidelines with regard to the program, staff, facility and safety requirements;
  4. be responsible for the funding and financial management of the program;
  5. work with, support and supervise the preschool director to (1) achieve excellence in the educational program, (2) strengthen interpersonal relationships with staff and parents, and (3) maintain a spiritual and loving environment for the children;
  6. review and make recommendations for improvement of the physical plant, equipment and safety of the program;
  7. support the children’s programs and activities, and encourage parent involvement;
  8. when the position of preschool director is vacated, they shall provide a list of candidates to the church council for presentation to the voters assembly for action;
  9. responsible for drafting and submitting all staff contracts for approval by the church council;
  10. make written and oral reports to the church council and at congregational meetings, as required by the president, on Our Savior Lutheran Preschool program.