Church Treasurer

Keith Peterman

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  1. be present at meetings of the voting membership and church council;
  2. be responsible for the accurate recording of congregational receipts and disbursements and budgeted and actual expenditures according to proper accounting procedures and as deemed advisable, suggest for congregational consideration improved methods and systems for keeping financial records.
  3. present a written and duplicated financial report at voter's meetings and a preliminary report at church council metings
  4. submit permanent financial records for annual audit;
  5. be responsible for montrhly remission of offerings for missions and church agencies, prompt payment of salaries and bills as authorized by the congregation;
  6. furnish the congregation a surety bond ina sum designated by the voters assembly with premiums paid by te congregation;
  7. reimburse professional workers for expenses which are approved and docmented;
  8. co-ordinate the flow of monies from the treasury to the various boards and agencies of the congregation;
  9. receive from the financial secretary reports of all monies received through worship services, special offerings and any other source, duly recording the same;
  10. sign all checks for payment of congregational financial commitments;
  11. provide, upon request, a current record of accrued disbursements and budget allotment to all boards of congregation;
  12. has authority to work out with salaried workers of the congregation a breakdown of the worker's total compensation into salary and other categories as the worker requests;
  13. supervises the development of tyhe congregation budget in cooperation with the board of Finance and Stewardship.